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21323 Harper Ave 

Saint Clair Shores, MI 48080

Call: (586) 738-4374


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Time Together Adult Day Center

Time Together Day Center is a program dedicated to supporting adults aged 18 and above who face behavioral health challenges, such as mental health disorders and substance abuse issues. Our primary objective is to create a remarkable experience for every individual we serve. By promoting community integration groups and education, we strive to reduce psychiatric hospitalizations and incarceration rates.


To achieve this goal, we are committed to delivering comprehensive services and fostering a secure environment where individuals can come together to share, socialize, and grow. Our program is designed to provide extraordinary services that enhance independence, self-determination, social interaction, and daily living activities. At Time Together, we firmly believe in holistic and physical care; therefore, we are dedicated to offering our members insights into their mental health, emotional well-being, and spiritual needs (if applicable), ensuring a comprehensive and personalized approach to their care.


We offer high quality, personalized care.

"I really like how you all really show that you care. You all match your words with your actions".


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